The Radnor Committee for Special Education:


  • Provides information to help families advocate for their children.

  • Offers families information and resources through general meetings, Brown Bag Lunches, emails, etc.  

  • Works to expand opportunities for children and young adults with special needs.


A place for special families with special kids 

We Are:


  • A parent of a child with ASD trying to navigate the social challenges of middle school

  • A single mom dedicated to instituting real inclusive practices 

  • A mom who felt she had to opt for private placement for her child with special needs

  • A parent of a child with a multitude of special needs wanting to help others find resources and provide support for the child and the entire family

  • A parent new to the area who didn't know the questions to ask and who is seeking a comfortable place without judgement

  • A parent of a child with special needs looking to help others navigate the special education world


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