Is RCSE affilated with RTSD? 


No, we are an independent non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.


Do you meet with administration regularly? 


We strive for open communication but we have no formal commitments.


Do you attend school board meetings? 


Yes, our goal is to attend all relevant school district meetings.


What kind of support and information does RCSE provide and when do they meet?


We plan to meet on a monthly basis with a variety of speakers relevant to all special education needs.


Is RCSE strictly for Radnor residents? 


Our meetings are open to everyone, however, the information may be most pertinent to Radnor residents.


Are educators allowed to attend?


Yes, all are welcome.

Does RSCE include children and adults transitioning into or out of the school district?


Yes, these individuals are part of our target population.


Does RCSE only support families with children with an IEP or 504 plan? 


We support ALL families of children with ANY special education need.


Perhaps you suspect your child may need support but are unsure... come talk to us! Perhaps your child doesn't require accommodations but a topic presentation would be helpful...attend the meeting!


ALL are welcome.


Does RCSE offer services (i.e. advocacy, therapy, etc)?


No, we are an organization that only provides support and information through shared ideas and experiences.


How can I find a Special Education Advocate or Attorney to help me with my child's IEP?


COPAA (Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates) maintains a database of advocates and attorneys. 


NOTE: RSCE does not endorse nor recommend any particular services.




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